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Mears Ashby C of E Primary School


** This page is currently being updated - check back soon for our up-to-date topic information

Mears Ashby CE Primary School teaches the National Curriculum for Years 1-6 and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for Year R. In order to ensure the breadth and depth of our offer, we use the Cornerstones Curriculum to deliver learning in a thematic way, upholding our Christian values and curriculum intent for our pupils. 


The curriculum's approach is based around 4 key cornerstones of learning:

 Parents are invited to celebrate our success during the 'Express' phase towards the end of each topic. Most topics are studies for a half term (6 weeks) 

Please click here for an overview of the topics covered in each class this year (Cycle A). We teach a two year rolling programme 


We place the highest importance on the successful development of literacy skills. The Cornerstones Curriculum caters for English teaching and development of reading, writing and speaking and listening is through these topics.



The school uses Letters & Sounds to teach Synthetic Phonics following the PhonicsPlay scheme of work.  Please click here for more information about PhonicsPlay. We use the Big Cat Phonics scheme of decodable books to support our phonics teaching.



At Mears Ashby CE Primary School we believe that children learn best in maths when concepts are broken down in to small, manageable steps. We teach using a method that first uses concrete resources to demonstrate a concept, followed by pictorial representations and finally in a more abstract way (known as the CPA approach).  The school use the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme of Work in order to achieve this. 

Please click here for an overview of the progression in Maths for our mixed-age classes.

Home Learning

Each topic also has links for Home Learning.  Click on the name of the topic your child is currently learning about below for some interesting and exciting ideas about how to support your child's learning at home.

Elms Class

Please note that we only provide Home Learning Ideas for some of the topics in Elms Class because we recognise that children in this class are focusing upon learning to read and practicing their phonics as well as building their stamina.  However, if you would like ideas for the other topics, please contact Miss Green who will be happy to help.

Sycamores Class

 Oaks Class


Discrete Learning

The nature of the Cornerstones Curriculum means that there are some areas of the National Curriculum that must be taught separately to the topics listed above. 

We teach PSHE through the Jigsaw scheme of work, which covers all aspects of personal, social and health education as well as online safety and relationships education. 

We teach RE using the Northamptonshire Agreed Syllabus (revised in 2019) and Understanding Christianity. 55% of our teaching time is dedicated to teaching concepts within Christianity (although these sometimes link to other faiths) and pupils learn for at least 1 hour a week. 

We teach PE using the PE Hub schemes of work. Our PE lessons are delivered by a dedicated, qualified coach.

We teach French to pupils in Y2 - Y6 using La Jolie Ronde scheme of work.  

Find out more

To find out more about the Cornerstones Curriculum approach please click here or ask any member of teaching staff who will be happy to give you more information.